About me:

Welcome! Thank you for visiting my GIS portfolio.

My name is Megan Johnson and I am a Colorado State University graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology and a certificate in Natural Resources Geographic Information Systems.

I am passionate about exploring the possibilities of GIS and enjoy solving problems with spatial analysis. The process of map making is both an art and a science, and I enjoy working with data to produce a map that can give an answer to a complex question and display it for all to understand.

I am most interested in natural resource management, particularly, habitat analysis, land use change, and suitability modeling. However, I love all aspects of GIS, and would gladly accept any project that would put my geospatial skills to use.

Since obtaining my degrees I have worked in government institutions, which have given me a wide range of experiences, including designing maps for veterinary health studies and publications.